List of All Kitchen Cooking Items A to Z

I have made this kitchen items list for those who are moving to the new apartment or going to settle into first home or improving the quality tools of their current kitchen. All the kitchen Items list are made from my 2 years of Experience, by reading reviews of different professionals, specially who are associated with cooking indoor designers and I have taken a long and hard look at my own and neighbors kitchen.

All kitchen items lis and reviews

All kitchen items

List of Small appliances for Kitchen

What is the role of kitchen? Or why you are going to set up kitchen? Of course first answer is food preparation. As you are going to prepare food , you need various cooking tools. Different portable or semi portable items are essential for kitchen. I am going to describe it serially why and how you choose these kitchen items

Chef's Knives

Wusthof-Classic-Cook's-Knif image

Wusthof-Classic-Cook's-Knif image

When you are set up your mind about your kitchen items, the very first thing you have to think about cutting and chopping. I recommend don’t use normal cheap chef’s knife. If you use high quality knives, it will make your cutting and chopping easier. High Quality Chefs Knife is sharper, heavier and easier. It doesn’t need to mention that it is more durable than normal chef’s Knife. You can use it any time of cooking. I always prefer Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Cook's Knife for my kitchen.

Cutting Board

cutting-board picture

Cutting-Board picture

Cutting board is another important item of your kitchen. How you choose the cutting board? While choosing your cutting board, it should be knife friendly, durable. I used several types of cutting board, some of cracks after few months, Wrapped. After using several boards I have found several cutting boards which are durable, gentle on knife blades and easily cleanable. You may try Proteak Rectangular Cutting Board Which origin from Vietnam. I found this cutting board is better than other cutting board.
If you don’t have enough budget for cutting board you may choose OXO good grips cutting board which is better than other cheaper cutting board

Further discussion is added in Review of Cutting Boards

image of knife sharpening machine for kitchen

Knife Sharpener

After a certain period of time your sharpened knife may be dull. You will get bored when you experienced your sharpened knife can’t cut perfectly and swiftly. At that time you will miss the sharpener.
You can sharpen your knife by using three different tools. They are

  • Sharpening Stones
  • Honing Steel
  • Strops or Knife Sharpening Machine

You can choose any of the items. My preference is Knife Sharpening Machine.There are two types of sharpening machine Which are manual and Electrical. Electric Sharpener is costly. I prefer Wasthof’s precision 2 stage sharpener which is easy usable and durable.

Blade Guard

Best knife Guard Reviews pictureWhy it is important? Blade Guard protects your blade in your drawer or in traveling. it also helps to maintain safety of your family members. I always prefer Wusthof blade guard 8-Inch Chef's Knife. Different sizes are also available in store. I prefer this because of its functionality and structure. Though this guard is open in three sides but my blade can’t slip off. It fits every kind of shape like Wusthof or global chef’s knives.

Measuring Cups

Best Dry measuring cups picturesFor better test, cooking ingredient should be accurate. That’s why measuring cups are essential cooking item. While choosing measuring cups I emphasized on design, accuracy, handle size, durability and easy usability. I preferred stainless steel measuring cups as it is easy to clean and scratch free.
My personal preference is stackable set of measuring cups from Kitchenmade

Measuring SpoonsBest Measuring cutting board review

To measure precise amount of liquid or solid ingredient of cooking, one should use measuring spoons. I realize the importance of measuring spoons when I went to measure ¼ th Table spoon. I bought it and after few days I didn’t find the smallest one. It lost. Then I have to buy it again, But this time I choose stainless steel measuring spoons from Prepworks which are magnetic and nested. Another good thing I have found that they are designed both side for the accommodation of liquid and solid ingredients. Surely, This item will add extra value of your kitchen.

Best Liquid Measuring Cups ReviewsGlass Measuring Cup

When you are going to measure liquid in stainless steel cup it is highly tough. But measuring against a fixed line on a clear container is more comfortable. For this purpose Pyrex Prepware 2-Cup Glass Measuring Cup is the best according to my experience. Recently I have noticed that it becomes the best seller in amazon with 3509 customer review.

Mixing-BowlsMixing Bowl

For different types of mixing purpose like mixing salad, spices etc, you need mixing bowls. While choosing mixing bowl or any other bowls I always keep in mind about the shape. Plain old mixing bowls are not fit for mixing bowls. This bowl may be stainless still or glass. But I prefer glass bowls because it can use in microwave oven. Plastic or ceramic bowls are not really useful. For my kitchen different sizes of bowls are needed. I prefer 9-piece mixing bowl set from Luminarc. This bowl sets are awesome in design and durability and comfortable of course.


Washing Vegetable, draining pasta and in many other functions Colandar is my essentioal kitchenitem.I choose those which are non-slip handle, Watering Holes, design and stability and easy to clean. I prefer OXO Good Grips 5-Quart Stainless-Steel Colander. It has soft, non slip handle & comfortable grip.

Vegetable PeelerVegetable-Peeler

Some vegetable are always included in my food habit. So, Vegetable peeler is an essential item for my kitchen. For Skinning carrot, potatoes etc I need vegetable peeler. It saves my cooking time. For example, without vegetable peeler skinning a potato needs 2/3 minutes but with the help of this kitchen item I can skin around 30 second. It also help me to keep the good look of any vegetable. I think pirahna “Y-Peeler” from Kuhn Rikon is the best tool. It’s blade is long lasting and sharper. Its look very simple but high quality.

Potato MasherPotato-Masher
To make your Potato mashing exciting you need a potato Potato Masher. Different style and design are available in store. Don’t choose bulky potato masher, it make your drawer hard to close. I prefer flip potato masher from Prepara because it is slim than others and it is made of stainless steel which makes it more durable .Don’t go for bulky potato masher.