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Different kinds of cutting board are available from 20USD to more than 200 USD. Which one is the best cutting board? While choosing Cutting Board some basic things have to keep in mind. I am going to discuss it here step by step. To write this review I took help from my neighbors and two restaurants chefs.

What is Cutting Board?

According to the Wikipedia [1] ,
“Cutting board is a durable board on which to place material for cutting.”

Cutting board is kind of board which are essential for my cooking purpose. When I am going to prepare any thing like vegetable, meat, herbs etc the very first thing I need in my kitchen is Knife and then my Chopping Boards.

Why do you Use Cutting Board?

The very first essential item of your kitchen after knife is cutting board. Without cutting board it is not possible to cut perfectly your cooking items. Suppose, you want to cut meat or fish or vegetable, where are you going to cut? On countertops!! That is filled with different kinds of bacteria, germs? If you don’t want to make your food unhygienic you need minimum a piece of cutting board. Cutting Board not only keeps your food hygienic but also makes your cooking faster.

Different Types of Cutting Boards

Earlier section I have discussed that different types of cutting board are available in various stores. I tried following cutting boards

Wooden Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting Boards are the most popular cutting Boards because of their great look and usability. My neighbor recommends me about these types of cutting board. When I used this type of cutting board I found wooden cutting board is hard which is not firstly comfortable to me. After using some days when I accustomed with wooden board, I felt that are useful in many ways. As Woods are porous they absorb anything including bacteria you put on them. This is also helpful for your knife because woods will not make your knife dull. But it needs oil to keep the cutting board in good condition.One thing everybody should know how to clean wooden cutting board.


Bamboo Cutting Boards

Bamboos are not wood but they are grass. If you are conscious about Eco System, You can use bamboo cutting woods. Though Bamboos are harder than wood, you will find all kind of facilities in bamboo cutting boards like they are also porous, it also needs oiling to keep its high-quality. But it is more receptive to bacteria; it is preferable for cutting vegetables, herbs and breads.

Plastic Cutting Boards

Plastic Cutting Board is the Most Recommended cutting board by chefs. In comparison with Bamboo and Wooden Cutting Board these cutting boards are hard but they are easy to clean up. Oil doesn’t need to keep it fresh. It is also hard. For lengthy time of using plastic cutting board is recommended.

Glass Cutting Boards

Glass cutting board is sensitive. Though it is easy to wash, but it is not friendly for your knives. If you are regular in your kitchen, Glass cutting board is not recommended. If you like to decoration and design you can use it. But I didn’t found any neighbors and chefs who uses glass cutting Board.

Best Cutting Board’s Features

I think you are now familiar with the cutting board features. In the previous section I have described various features. However, I have made list what should keep in mind while buying Cutting Board

Design and Size

I don’t feel comfortable if its design is not good enough. Size is another factor. If it is extremely small or big in size it is hard to carry one to another place and keeping it in kitchen table is not hassle-free. Therefore, Cutting board’s design and size always have the first priority.


Like me you won’t like to change your chopping board regularly. It is always waste of money and time. Durable Chopping board is preferable. In this case Plastic and Wooden chopping Board are more durable than others

Knife Friendly

Knife is the first item of your kitchen. Without knife there is no difference between your bed room and kitchen. If Chopping Board makes your knife dull, don’t use that. So when you are going to buy your board, be sure that it is not enough hard to make your knife dull.

User Friendly

If it is easy to clean and have a good grip, it is user friendly. Some cutting Boards don’t have good grip and some of the cutting board washing are not hassle-free. In this case Glass cutting Board and Plastic Cutting Board are best. But Glass cutting Boards are not recommended for regular use as they are not knife friendly. Both are dishwasher safe.

Recommendation:Choose Best Chopping Boards

In my kitchen I have two cutting board.

  1. Plastic cutting Board
  2. Wooden Cutting Board

I use plastic cutting board for preparing different raw protein and Wooden Cutting Board for Vegetable, Fruits etc. Plastic wooden board easily cleaned by water and Wooden Board needs oil to keep it fresh.

Reference: 1. Wikipedia

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