How to clean wooden cutting board?

After publishing cutting boards review, I have received some emails. They urge to know about the cleaning method of a wooden cutting board. That’s the reason to publish this article.

Why Cutting Board Cleanness is important?

I am always afraid of two things in my kitchen. First one is my Chefs knives and second one is the harmful bacteria. Using knife covers helps me to protect my family members from sharpen knives & Neat and clean kitchen keeps my family members away from bacteria. Many of us are not aware of this.

Cleaning a wooden cutting Board

As cutting boards are built with simple design and materials, So Cutting board doesn’t need heavy maintenance. Proper and Regular maintenance will keep you cutting boards germ free and hygienic. Here I am going describe wooden cutting board as it is more complex than others chopping board.

List of Equipments & Processes

This equipment is not only for cleaning a wooden cutting board but also its essential for others kitchen items.
Some of us may use dish washer for cleaning purpose of cutting board. No doubt dish washer cleans the surface. Dishwashers and warm water helps you make your cutting board sanitize. But it is very much effective for plastic cutting board. Dishwasher is not enough for wooden cutting board as these are porous. Different types of bacteria will remain active if we use only dishwashers.

There are also some affect of using dishwashers in the wooden cutting board. It harms the surface of wooden cutting board. Regular uses of dishwashers in this types of board will destroy the grains.

Hydrogen per Oxide

It is available in pharmacy. Hydrogen per Oxide is the best to remove germs. It is the king for removal of disinfections. 3% Hydrogen per Oxide solution is recommended.


Vinegar is effective bacteria killers it contains different types of organic acids like acidic acid which fight against bacteria. If you have study about vinegar you will know that it combats against E. coli, Streptococcus and many others germs. At the time heavy using I use non diluted vinegar.

Warm water

Its not only helps you to remove unpleasant thing from the surface of your cutting board but also it helps to remove germ

Sponge or cloth:

It can be for the Drying and cleaning purpose

Mineral oil:

It assists you keep your board smooth and crack free. Never use vegetable oil. It will damage your cutting board and produce bad smell. Mineral water also helps you to remove bacteria from the crack. Every wooden Chopping board should be oiled in a week.


As it contains citric acid, It helps to disinfects the boards. It also will remove bad odor from your cutting board.

How to clean?

After cutting Vegetables: After Cutting Vegetable use dump cloth or paper towel to remove the food residue. Use small amount of vinegar and water to remove the tighten food residues.

After cutting poultry and fishes: I always use two cutting board for my kitchen. One is for vegetable, bread etc. Other is used for cutting poultry and fishes. After using the second one, firstly I wash this with warm water and vinegar. Then I use Hydrogen per Oxide for disinfects. Some times, it produces bad smell at that moment I prefer lemon for the removal of odor.

Step by Step Recommendations

After using your cutting board you may follow the steps described below

  • Use paper towel or cloth to remove the residue
  • Use warm water for sensitization
  • Hydrogen per Oxide after cutting poultry or fish
  • Lemon to remove odor
  • Weekly oiling your cutting board
  • Keep your cutting board dry
  • Don’t use cutting boards which have many cracks
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    maidcomplete May 13, 2016 at 5:17 am

    Thank you so much for posting this. I think this really puts things into a different light. I mean, I have read about this stuff before but the way you write just makes it clearer. If that makes sense lol

  2. Reply
    Barry Coyle July 16, 2016 at 9:23 pm

    I used to work on a chicken stall, and a wooden board was used religiously, hot soap and water, a metal sponge does the trick with a final wash down with water and dried with a fresh clean cloth

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    Pratheep TH. November 29, 2016 at 5:33 pm

    Thanks for your nice posting.

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