Best Butcher Knives reviews Buying Guide

If you are going to buy butcher knife, this Best Butcher Knives reviews Buying Guide will help to choose the best butcher knife. It is written from Professional butchers interviews.


What is butcher Knife?

The knife which is used by butcher for different butchering purpose is called butcher knife. These types of knives are designed for the butchering and dressing of animal carcasses. Though the primary purpose of butcher knife is butchering but there are so many uses of it. Butcher knives can be used for skinning, cutting food, scalping and many other purposes. The most uses of this knife is meat processing.

How this butcher Knife review is written?

Recently I have met some of the butcher whose are working for several years, some of them working for several decades. I have asked several questions about the knives e.g. which one is the best, why they are best etc. Their practical experiences help me to write this review.

Why butcher knives?

As I have mentioned earlier, Butcher knives are commonly used for meat processing. You may think about chef’s knives. Ok, let me describe why butcher knives are essential. Butcher knives are heavier which help you to boning easily. Some of the knives are look like small sword. For the removal of unwanted bones from fish, meat butcher knives have no competition with chef’s knives. These knives usually curve blade which help you to remove flesh easily. These also save your time.

what are the best type of butcher knives ?

Here are the list of the best butcher knives according to the butcher choices and food professionals. I will try to present here top rated butcher knives from Amazon which help you to buy good butcher knives from numerous knives.

Wusthof Classic 6-Inch Flexible Boning Knife

Flexibility should be first choice while buying anything. Good grip with 3 handle
, metal leading small gaps provides flexibility. This boning butcher knife is narrow which also make it more flexible. This knife is ideal for poultry boning. High carbon stainless steel blade, razor like sharpness ensures its strength and performance. Dishwasher safety helps to guarantee the durability.

The manufacturer of this blade provide life time guarantee about the broken blade. If any time it has been broken, they will replace it.

For all of these features, Butcher first choice is Wusthof Classic 6-Inch Flexible Boning Knife


If you don’t like or searching for the alternate of the previous one, Global G 21 blade is the 2nd best choice of butchers. Awesome design and lengthy blade are the main uniqueness of this blade. Japanese blades have long history and are famous for tradition and samurai. Global G 21 is made of Japan.

Lengthy blade, stainless steel of Vanadium, razor sharpness and stainless steel handle is the main specifications of this blade. Finally, the manufacturer provides life time warranty.

Stainless steel handle helps to make this durable under pressure; awesome grip is another key feature of this butcher knife.

Before buying professional butcher knives

Before purchasing professional butcher knives a few things should keep in mind.

Thin Blade cuts faster

The basic difference between chef knives and Butcher knives is thickness of blade. Usual chef knives are thicker while butcher knives are thinner. Thin blades helps de-boning process faster and it also save times


Flexibility is the 2nd thing should keep in mind. Usually there are two types of knives. One is Stiff and another is flexible. Stiff is needed for the thicker cutting. If you are grill master or your main objective is to remove bones from meat or fish, Flexible is better.

Size of the blade

Usual size of the butcher knives is about 5-6.5 inch. Different manufacturer provide deferent range of the size. Usually small sizes are flexible, easy to cut. But for the perfection both size should keep. If you decide to buy single knife, I will prefer the


Handle is the important factors of butcher knife. The force you apply is in the handle. Handle helps you to grip. That’s why handle is the important factor. There are many types of handle from plastic to wooden. Choice is yours. The handle which you prefer most, which is comfortable to you, which provides good grip should choice.

Blade Design

There are commonly two types of design available in the market or store. First one is curved design and another one is straight design. My preference is curved design. It is comfortable for de-boning.

Summery: Choosing Butcher Knives

The last word is choice is yours. No matter which is favorite, which is reviewed, what other says? Choice is yours. I, here, write just from the experience of professionals. Thank you very much for your valuable time. You can share your thought in comments about choosing best butcher knives.

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