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Japanese are very much conscious about their knives. Awesome design, quality incredible beauty and sharpness are extraordinary characteristics of Japanese kitchen knives. These are one of the best chef knives of the world. Japanese are specific about preparing food in the kitchen. For the purpose of filleting fish, making sashimi and sushi particular types of kitchen knives are used. In this article I write about the Best Japanese kitchen knives reviews

For the paper thin cutting purpose or slicing Japanese knives play extra ordinary role. They are very much thin but made of strong steel.

Why Japanese kitchen knives?

Japanese knives have particular characteristics. Thinner, harder, excellent duty, Sharper, materials are the featured characteristics of Japanese chef knives.


In a study it was found that, Japanese knives are harder than European knives. According to the hardness rating of HRC Japanese kitchen knives scored 58 – 65 where German knives are 52 to 56. The main focuses of these score are, hardness of steel ensure better quality, long lasting.


Sharpness is the main feature of your knives. Sharp knives produce best result. As I have mentioned earlier; Japanese knives are harder than other European knives. This feature indicates that Japanese knives lose their sharpness slowly. It requires less sharpening, and maintenances in comparison with European knives.

Lightness and thickness

Other knives except Japanese are heavier which is better for cutting different types of tough food materials like bones, pumpkins etc. But it can’t able to provide awesome sharpness like thin kitchen knifes.
Japanese knives are sharper which is perfect for thin slice.

Materials of Knives and Design

Almost German and Japanese knives are made of same materials in very first time. But after World War II, Japanese improves them. Japanese uses different materials for good finishing and they have long times of experience. Modern Japanese Knives have much improvement in comparison with traditional knives.

Beside these all things many other factors are remained for the reason of choosing Japanese Knives.

Which is best Japanese or German?

I think it is one of the most frequently ask question while anyone going to buy knives. Answer is simple. It depends on your cooking habits. Japanese are best for slicing different vegetables and fishes while German Knives are best for the heavy cutting.
Japanese kitchen knives are narrow angle around 15 degree, on the other hand, Germans are 25 degree. So, answer is choice is yours.

Japanese kitchen knives types

According to Wikipedia, Japanese knives are of two types. honyaki and kasumi. These classifications are based on the Materials used. Usually Honyaki are made of one material where Kasumi are of two types of materials. The main element is steel.

Best Japanese kitchen knives in Amazon 2016

Japan is the country of samurai. Different kinds of Knives are produced there. When I am going to make a list of Japanese chef’s knives it was the tough job for me. I went to meet different chef’s to know about their opinion. At last I am successful to make the list.

SETO Japanese Chef Knives

SETO Japanese chef knives are home made. It also follows the traditional sword making technique. The manufacturer of this knife is a member of the (USA) THE KNIVES MAKER’S GUILD. Use of reliable technology, awesome sharpness is the key feature of this knifes.

Kotobuki Japanese Kitchen Knife Set

This knife sets are made of traditional technology. Carbon steel blade, wooden handle, awesome look are the key features of this knife set.

Last Word about Japanese knives

Still you may have confusions or suggestion, please ask me or discuss about this in the comment. Your experience may help others to choose the best Japanese kitchen knives.

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