Best Kitchen Knife Sharpeners Review

After entering into the kitchen, the very first thing I need is Knife. There is a proverb A kitchen without knife is bed room. My temper becomes high when I found my knife is dull. To avoid this situation I am dependable on knife sharpener. I have tried several Knife Sharpeners in the recent years. I have written this article “Best Kitchen Knife Sharpeners Review” with help of my neighbors and of course my experience helps me.

Why Knife Sharpener is essential

I think it doesn’t require describing why knife sharpener is important. A dull knife is more dangerous than sharp one. Snipping different types of vegetable and poultry you need a sharpen knife. When I bought my knife, it was sharp. For the account of regular use, my sharpen knife gradually becomes dull. Different kinds of acidic materials like lemon, tomato and vegetable decrease the sharpness of your knife. Dull knife is uncomfortable for cutting anything, consumes your time. To get rid of these, you must have a knife sharpener in your kitchen.

Before going to Purchase knife Sharpener

Without knowing the details of your requirement buying anything is waste of money. So before going to the market answer the following questions

  • What kinds of knives you have?
  • What about your patients?
  • How much space available for Knife sharpener?
  • How much budget you would like to spend for knife sharpener?
  • Are you left handed?
  • Noise

(Some Electric Knife Sharpener makes noise)

Knife Sharpening tools list

From the ancient time when first knife was invented people use different stones to sharpen the knife. In the modern time, ways and technologies are improved. But the task remains the same, Knife Sharpening. There are so many tools are available in different stores. They can be categorized into the following. I have talked about those tools with my neighbors and some of my friends who chef. I am here trying to describe about all the categories.

  1. Sharpening Stones
  2. Sharpening Steels
  3. Knife Sharpener Machine

Sharpening Stones

Knife Sharpening stones-picture

Knife Sharpening stones-picture

Previously I have mentioned that, Ancient people sharpened their knife edge by stone obviously natural stone. But in this time sharpening stones are developed. Different kind of sharpening stones are found in the market with different materials and styles.

Sharpening Stones Grit Size

When I first heard about grit size I don’t understand this term. However, Sharpening stones are different grades which we refer as grit size. The more grit number refers the more density of stone which indicates that easiest sharpening process.

Classification of sharpening stones

Different chefs and professional classify sharpening stones differently. Japanese divide its into three different categories. Arato (Coarse stone) which range from 200 to 800 grit , Nakato (Middle ) Ranges from 800 to 1500 grit and Shiageto (Finishing Stone) which have more than 1500

According to the shape & materials different types of sharpening stones are found in different stone. I am going to write details about those classifications

Oil Sharpening Stones

These are natural stones which are made of three types of materials e.g. Novaculite, Aluminum Oxide & Silicon Carbide. These are also known as Arkansas Stones. It’s needed to use oil during sharpening of knives. So it is known as Oil Stone. Different grit sizes are available in different stores.

As this are natural stones which are collected from different sources. Some of these are very rare e.g. Black Hard Black Arkansas and Hard Translucent. After collecting this stones men give its shape and divided into different grades.

Aluminum oxide stones and Indian stones are very popular because of their quality. The Silicon carbide stones are the fastest cutting oil sharpening stones.

Though these stones are relatively lower price and overall better performance but the main negative factors of these stones are slow cutting rate.

Water Stones

These are the modern version of oil sharpening stones. Instead of using oil these types of stones requires water only. The abrasive material of these types of stones is Aluminum Oxide. As they are faster than Oil stones and soft, that why this types of water stones are popular.

Diamond Sharpening Stones

Diamond Sharpening stones are popular because they cut fast. Small amount of diamond plate are attached with metal plate. These stones are classified into two types. First Diamond stones with holes which are popular and another is continuous diamonds. First one is popular for its ability effectiveness. According to the types of diamond they are divided into mono and poly crystalline diamond. Mono crystalline is preferable as they are long lasting.

Initial cost and rapid rancid of your knife are major disadvantage of Diamond Sharpening stones.

Sharpening Steels

Kitchen Sharpening steels image

Kitchen Sharpening steels image

Sharpening steels is also known as honing steel or Honing Rod etc. Actually it’s a metal rod with a handle which helps to keep your knife sharpen. Like different types of sharpening stones, sharpening steels are made of different elements e.g. Steel hones, Diamond hones and ceramic hones are available. I have discussed it about those steels facilities and disadvantages.

Features of Sharpening steel

When you are going to buy honing steels you have to be careful about the different features.

The very first features of the sharpening steels are handling. If you don’t grip, how can it is possible to do remaining task. So when you are going to buy sharpening steels first inspect carefully the handle. Try to find answer of the following questions

  • Is it comfortable?
  • Is handle attached with the steel?

If you find these question’s answer is “YES” you can go further observation otherwise put it down.


I have discussed earlier about the grits of stone. Similarly honing steels grit are important. Take time to select perfect grit. Finer grit , finer Edge. Some the honing steels do not put the grit size clearly.


It depends on your knives sizes. Try to buy sharpening steels which is 2 inch lengthier than your knife. If length is too small, you may not perfectly sharpen your knives.

Elements of honing steels

Previously I have written, Honing steels are made of three materials. Steel is most common elements. If you go for further, you may choose diamond or ceramic. Ceramic is smoother than steels and diamond is long lasting than ceramic. The basic functions of all the Honing steels are same. For choosing the best materials I am writing details about those honing steels.

Different types of honing steels

(According to materials)

Steels hones

Name indicates that it is made of steel. It is the most common types of honing steels. If you use Japanese knife you are not allowed to use this, because it will destroy your Knife’s edge.

Ceramic Hones

Ceramic honing rods are smoother than steel hones. It is just awesome. I always recommend this. If you are familiar with Asian knives, you know that they are thinner edge. Ceramic Honing rods can easily be used with German or Asian Knives. In my kitchen I always use Ceramic honing rods. While using ceramic rod you should be careful about drop down of this rod because it is fragile. While purchasing ceramic rod, one thing you have to keep in mind about Grit. Usually 800 Grit are best for the daily activities

Diamond Hones

Different kind of Diamond hones is available in the market. All diamond honing steels are not same. They are divided according to their performances. Diamond honing steels are not made of diamond but different numbers of different grains are found in the surface. According to the grain number diamond honing steels performance depends. Make sure that enough grains are available in the surface. Though they are some what costly but they perform the best and long lasting.

Kitchen Knife Sharpener Machine

Kitchen Knife Sharpener Machine picture

Kitchen Knife Sharpener Machine

Knife sharpener machines are much more comfortable and reliable than sharpening stones or honing rods. The great advantage of the sharpener machine is doing your task perfectly and timely. Time saving, comfortable, risk free is the main advantage of the Knife Sharpener machine. There are two types of Knife sharpening machine are available. Manual Knife Sharpener and Electric knife Sharpener. Functionality is same but some extra facilities are available in Electric Knife Sharpener.

Factors should consider before purchasing Knife Sharpener

Performances: Performance is the first consideration of purchasing anything. But you can’t determine which one is the best. In this case ask the professionals, chefs, butchers and users about the performance.

Surface: the higher the grit number, the finer the abrasive. The grit number 120 refers course and the 1000 grit number is finer. In comparison with ceramic and steels diamond is harder.

Accurate angle: if you are not experienced user, you should buy that sharpener which have perfect angel guide. The perfect angle of knife sharpening is 15 to 20 degree.

Multiple stages: Knife sharpening has different stages. Firstly reshaping is the knives edge which applicable for dull knives. Another stage is polishing.

Safety: Manual Knife sharpener have a safety barrier. For the safety of your hand and finger carefully observe the safety features. Electric knife sharpener have Sharpening disk or belt.
Warranty & Services: Good Manufactures provide warranty and in the some cases guarantee (change) of their product.

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