Best Liquid Measuring Cups Reviews

The measuring cups are used for measuring the liquid ingredient of kitchen is call liquid measuring cups. I have written this Best Liquid Measuring Cups Reviews on the basis of some important factors which I have described in the last section of this review. My personal experiences help me much. Cooking professionals also help me much. Two of my friends who are working for several years in cooking profession reviewed this review again.

Why liquid measuring cups

Appropriate ingredient is the primary condition of good cooking. Dry measuring cups will help you to measure the dry ingredient but what will happen for the liquid ingredients? You need liquid measuring cups. It is an essential kitchen item. Accuracy of liquid ingredient is confirmed by liquid measuring cups.

Best Liquid Measuring cups

Different Manufacturers cups are available in different store. I am here going to review some of the best liquid measuring cups

Pyrex 2 cup measuring cup

This is the number one choice of any chefs. All the best features are included in Pyrex 2 cup measuring cup. Clear Glass with Red measurement marks help you to measure appropriately. Comfortable handle of this Pyrex cups help you to balance. Curved spout eases the pouring. These are Dishwasher and heatproof. These are made of 100% hygienic materials which protect your ingredient from bad orders.
Features are

  • 2 Cup Measuring Cup
  • Dishwasher, pre-heated oven safe
  • Non-porous surface
  • Made in the USA
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

OXO Good Grips 2-Cup Angled Measuring Cup

These cups are the 2nd choice of mine. Awesome grips are comfortable for pouring and measurements. Accuracy is awesome.

Before Purchasing Liquid Measuring Cups

Dishwasher Safe

The very first thing you should keep in mind about the dishwasher safety. If your measuring cups are not dishwasher safe, measuring markings will be erased. At that moment, perfect measurement is not possible. Liquid measurement cups will become normal cup.

Heat & Microwave Safe

Sometimes while cooking it is needed to hot liquid to pour. Some the liquid measuring cups become soften with heat. It is not good characteristics of measuring cups. Good liquid measuring cups must be heatproof.


As these cups are used for the measurement of liquid ingredients, it has a possibility to mix with cup’s materials like color or other materials. It will harm the health. If the cups are made of Bisphenol A, those cups should avoid choosing.


This is the main reason of buying liquid measuring cups. If accurate measurement is not provided, it may ruin your cooked food. Therefore, accuracy of measurement plays vital role of choosing liquid measurement cups.


I have noticed some of the cups are overbalance while pouring liquid. Some basic factors should notice carefully e.g. the measurement marking, pouring facilities and comfort ness.


A great design will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Not only for the enhancement of kitchen beauty, but also essential for comfortable cooking. Dimensions, shape, gradation markings, and materials should be checked wisely.

Precaution and Conclusion

Try to care the best. Glasses are sensible. While choosing glass measuring cups you should be careful about sudden change of temperature, fall down from hand and many other causes breakdown of glass.
The ultimate goals of purchasing the liquid measurement cups are measuring the liquid ingredient, enhancing the kitchen beauty. Beauty of anything varies from person to person. So, it may happen that your choice and my choices are quite different. I am waiting to here from. Please write your own opinion in the comment box below. Your opinion may help other to choose best liquid measuring cups.

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