10 Excellent Kitchen Hacks

Hello everyone, today I’m here to talk about some kitchen hacks. Kitchen is the most important room in your house though I have two one is an outdoor kitchen shed by storage sheds fredericksburg va they can meet your style and needs at an affordable price to fit your budget. After all that’s where you prepare the things that you eat. If you know some tips and tricks you can keep your kitchen more clean and tidy. So let’s begin, the ten most excellent kitchen hacks.

Lemons clean your microwaveLemons clean your microwave

This is like Pine Sol Street from the vine. Grab a lemon cut it in half and squeeze the juices into about half a cup of water, drop the lemon themselves in and nuke them for about three minutes. As the juice spoils it condenses onto the roof and sides of your microwave. Loosening up any gunk and dissolving foods bladders. Since lemon juice is a natural cleaning agent. Although you have to do is, use a clean towel to wipe everything away and you’re good. It’s a squeaky clean.

keep your natural peanut butter upside downkeep your natural peanut butter upside down

I love natural peanut butter but I hate the way that it always separates in the oil spills out and then you have to stir back up every time. But I just learned this trick to keep the peanut butter from separating. You just have to store it upside down any oil that’s accumulated at the top of the jar will slowly trickle back down to the bottom redistributing itself leaving you with smooth creamy peanut butter right down to the very last spoonful. Just make sure you keep the lid tightly sealed to avoid any not flavored oil spills.

Freezing an onion will keep you from cryingFreezing an onion will keep you away from crying

Disclaimer This does not work on break ups death in the family or any sort of bodily injury. But other than that it’s great just make sure you take the onion out of the freezer before it gets too hard to slice. Granted it’s a little harder to cut through. But if you hate those tears this is the easiest remedy. And if you’re still crying should probably take onions a little less seriously.

Onions makes the perfect egg

I’m not talking about flavor though I’m talking shaved. The perfectly shaped egg for a classy morning meal. You don’t need the whole one you just need one ring. One ring to rulethem all. Cut an onion in half then slice the middle layer off. Keeping the outermost ring. Placed the ring in the center of your pan. Then crack an egg. Into the ring in full up. A perfectly circular sunny side up egg. Your days looking brighter already isn’t it.

Onions makes the perfect egg

Onions makes the perfect egg

Onions makes the perfect egg

Pancake should come from bottlesPancake should come from bottles

For those of us utensil uninclined. It’s a hassle to make a cake batter and it’s always so messy labeling out those gloppy spoonsful into the pan. But if you can make a batch a head of time you can pour the extra batter into an empty ketchup bottle and store it in the fridge right next to your maple syrup.

Use a water bottle to remove yolks from egg whites

If you’ve ever tried to separate out an egg yUse a water bottle to remove yolks from egg whitesolk to isolate those whites. You know what a messy disaster it can be. But never fear I got the solution. Just crack your egg into a bowl. Grab an empty water bottle and gently squeeze while holding it over the yolk. As the bombing re inflate the vacuum created inside will actually squeeze the yolk right up.

CO2 to keep salad freshCO2 to keep salad fresh

Don’t you hate it when less than a week goes by in your beautiful bag a fresh green lettuce has somehow molded down into its soggy pile of goo. There’s actually a simple trick to extend the life of your leafy greens. Portion them out into smaller plastic bags. Then exhale into the bag filling it with CO2 to spin the bag tie a knot in your salad is preserved. Because carbon dioxide preserves salad. You would know that if you paid attention in science class.

Kale and spinach ice cubes

Kale and spinach ice cubesWhat you don’t have room in your fridge for a bunch of CO2 filled salad bags. Instead of letting your greens go bad after a week. Stuff them into a blender add a bit of water blend them up in pour into an ice tray. Pop them into your smoothies for some fiber goodness or add toothpicks to them to make little tiny green popsicles

And there you have it, 10 excellent kitchen hacks. Now if my calculations are correct these facts will make all of your breakfast and kitchen process is far more efficient and savory. Have a good day.

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  1. Reply
    Stefan March 24, 2016 at 8:50 am

    Hey Winnie,

    those are some excellent hacks, thanks for sharing! 🙂


    • Reply
      Chef Winnie Newell March 25, 2016 at 7:33 am

      You’re welcome Stefan. Its my pleasure if you like this article. This kitchen hacks are based on my experiences. Don’t forget to write your opinion about other post. Welcome Again 🙂

  2. Reply
    Rebecca April 17, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    The onion trick with egg is my favorite! You have no idea how bad I am at frying eggs lol.

    Thanks Winnie for this awesome collection of kitchen tips. I’ve bookmarked it already for future reference 🙂


  3. Reply
    David August 28, 2016 at 5:17 am

    Good tip about the natural peanut butter. That separation can be a big hassle and messy. Storing it upside down isn’t perfect but it does the job.

  4. Reply
    Alex Franklin Thorbens September 30, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    Love the one about onions. I was going to start dehydrating them but am going to try freezing instead!

  5. Reply
    Sagar Patil November 17, 2016 at 3:12 pm

    this two tricks are really interesting, Onions ring for perfect egg and water bottle to remove yolks.

  6. Reply
    Jessica Reimer January 18, 2017 at 6:00 am

    Hey Winnie,

    These are some great kitchen hacks. I especially like pancake batter in a bottle trick.

    Also, the organic peanut butter hack, I found out by accident one time. That peanut butter separates so easily – this is a great tip.

    I’ve enjoyed your blog, thank you,

    Jessica 🙂

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