Choosing best wood for cutting board

If you want to use homemade wooden cutting board, you have to choice the best wood for cutting board. Choosing the best wood to make best cutting board is not easy task. This article will help you to choose the best.

Types of Wood Grain

According to Wikipedia , Wood grain is the longitudinal arrangement of wood fibers or the pattern resulting from this. Simply, Different types of pattern are seen while cutting wood. These patterns are called Wood Grain. Woods are classified into different types according to grain. It depends on annual ring produced by tree.

In flat grain wooden board, annual rings are aligned parallel. Actually it depends on the cutting system of wood. If you cut the wood across the growth ring it will create a pattern which is end grain. And many other grains are also created for the cutting angel.

Before Choosing Wood for cutting Board

Why we choose wooden cutting board? Of course there are two main reasons, first one is hygienic and the second one is making kitchen knife long lasting. If you cutting board is hard enough it will destroy you knife edge. So, while choosing cutting board’s wood be sure that it is not so hard. But choosing too soft wood for your cutting board is not wise decision. They will not provide enough support for your knife.
Some wood add extra flavor. These type of wood should avoid.

Best Wood for Cutting Board

Solid but Not too hard to wreck your knife and provides enough support to kitchen knives is the best wood for cutting Board. Wood like maple, cherry, teak, or walnut is the best wood. It is not too hard to break and provide enough strength to cut anything. In Addition they will not add any types of color or odor.

Conclusion about Cutting Board’s Wood

Whether home made or buying from cutting board from different store, proper cleaning of cutting board helps to highest value. Now, the choice is yours. If you want to add any thing please share it through comments form about cutting boards wood.

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