Top cooking tricks from top chef

All the master chef always use some cooking tips and tricks to make their cooking more fast, beautiful and easy. Including top chef Gordon Ramsay use the following tricks to make their dish more testy.Top cooking tricks from top chef

  • Your pepper mill is more versatile than you might think, tight it’s top screw to get finely ground pepper its very Ideal for soups and sources. For general seasoning you might need medium ground, set the screw in the middle and lose it right off the course pepper. It will be perfect for the steaks and fish.
  • Take one clove and simply bash it with the back of a knife and the skins comes off easily.
  • For a whole head  garlic, crushed it and keep it separate into a ball, cover and shake hard for about ten seconds. Then simply pick out the pill cloves.
  • So much great cooking. Depends on starting with a high enough heat it a rest because the hot pan.  Put on early. So you get smoking hot and always remember to preheat your oven at least 20 minutes before cooking.
  • A clean cook is inefficient by tipper tidy cooking area. Always keep a waste bowl next to your cooking area, it saves you go back and forth to the bin
  • Never add salt to eggs before cooking them, because it brings the texture and dull the color instead give your seasoning to the very end.
  • The key to cooking meat is to make sure It’s at room temperature before you begin. Cook straight from the fridge, the muscle fibers will be tight which results in tough mates and always let it rest afterwards so relax is becoming tender and juicy.

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